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Kloutgate: The battle between mean girls and influencers 

Why media coaching is a must before any interview

Doctor tweets to help mankind

12 reasons I won't follow you back on Twitter

Do you have #hashtagitis?

Do you report good customer service?

I hate the word followers

Don't be afraid to share what you know

Iz Americah alitarit?

Do you bring your social network into the voting booth or church pew with you?

Are you tweets on

Use your unique skills to benefit others

Cyberbullying finds new media platform to exploit

Do you farm out your status updates? 

How to add razzle dazzle to your Follow Friday 

Great piece of comedy on corporate sponsorships from my social media client and comic legend, Elayne Boosler


Find out who's favoriting your tweets

Get a graphic of a single tweet without doing a screen grab or using PhotoShop to clean it up

Display your Twitter stream so it looks like a newspaper

View the front pages of more than 800 newspapers

Market your online presence by putting everything about you on one cool, customized page

Plancast: your new social calendar

Track your fitness progress and goals while competing with others online

Find out who you've outlived

Translate your tweets into Klingon

Swap clothes via the Web

Turn your Twitter feed into a paperback book

How to change your Facebook language to Pirate (arrr!)

Tell Dell Computers what you do and don't like about its products

Personalize M&Ms Candies for business or personal use

Help your local Starbucks better serve your community

Top notch journalists (and photographers) for hire all in one spot

Add the "like" button to your Blogger blog

Twitter gives hope to nonprofits


This blog post is brought to you by...

How social media gave me autism

Why shop when you can swap?

The death of cursive writing

Does the Meeting Monster work at your office? 

Black Friday and homelessness

Smokey the Bear turns 65

Is Twitter the new Amber Alert?

The era of the egomaniac

Is Facebook making lonely people lonlier?

Organic farmers need a PR firm

Gratitude is sexy

The legacy of Billy Mays


First the Hummer, now three-ply toilet paper 

Does your cocktail have cooties?

Going green makes cashiers mean

Don't apply for this position if you need a job 

Is nothing sacred in the world of corporate sponsorships?

Can I put this person in spelling prison?

When the birthday freebie fails to deliver

Why are you following me? You're freaking me out! 

Does sex sell?

Do you farm out your status updates?

LinkedIn needs a moderator

Isn't there any original content anymore?
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