Here are some of the pieces people have written about me or my blog. If you've talked about yours truly and your link isn't here, contact me so I can list you!    

Look Who's Talkin'   

LA's Top 100 Non-Celebrity Bloggers You Should Take to Lunch by Bob Wan Kim

Is Your Blog Tweetworthy? by Donna Frasca

MSVU Senior Seminar: Social Media by Sarah Bustard

What do Real Social Media Experts Think of the Posers? by Mazy Yap

PR in Pink: A Little Birdie Told Me by Krista Guiffi

SocialMediology 101: Tips from the Front Line by Jessica Northey

My Four Favorite Red-Haired Blogger Chicks by Cheri Allbritton

How Valuable is a Tweet from TweetSmarter by Dave Larson and Sarah Jones-Larson

Hoover's Boycott: Genius Social Media or Bogus PR by Heidi Miller

Mean Girl Smackdown on Klout by Lisa Thorell

Webinars - A Waste of Time? by Ken Molay

Popular Blogs to Generate Comment Traffic by Rick LaPoint

Blogs and the Farmer's Market by Janet Callaway

20 Ways to Keep Me Coming Back to Your Blog Again and Again by Ricardo Bueno (yep, that's me in #19!)

Twitter Tips and Resources by Kay Ross

My Follow Friday Top 50 by Stacey Soleil

The Fine Art of the Twitter #HashPhrase by TweetSmarter

My Ideal Company and The White Wave by Jenny

Twitter's Follow Friday Leading Ladies by Kevin Minott

20 Things You Should Know When Engaging With People by Cheri Allbritton

What's Wrong with Being a Follower and Curating Your Butt (yep, that's the title, but I promise it's G-rated!) by Todd Lyden

Most Stylish Blogger Award (aka Stylin' in Sensible Shoes and Thrift Shop Clothes) via Jean Calomeni

How to Find Really Amazing People on Twitter by Kirsten Wright

Some Days, It's All About Gratitude by Claudia Anderson

Use the Writing Force: A Sequel to Writers and Coffee Shops by Erin Feldman (check out the neat badge below that Erin drew especially for yours truly!) 


Hat Tips

Where Do You Get Your Best Writing Done? by Ricardo Bueno

Looking Back at #140conf Los Angeles: Words from the Community by Jeff Pulver

Five Going on Fifteen by Erin Margolin

Please Help Me Get on The Biggest Loser by Anita Nelson 

Your Content is Not Your Reader's Responsibility by Allison Boyer

Social Media: What is your Twitter Bio Saying About You? by Britney Bresciani
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