I'm currently accepting new clients and am open to discussing mutually rewarding opportunities (including contract work, freelance assignments, or in-house positions). If you'd like to explore potential ways for us to collaborate, here are some of the services I offer that might be of value to you:

- Social Media Training
- Public Relations/Spokesperson Training
- Communications Strategy (internal and external)
- Content Management
- Social Networking Oversight
- Copywriting
- Editing
- Corporate Blogging
- Executive Ghostwriting
- Intranet Development
- Employee Engagement
- Online Community Growth

If you're busy with the day-to-day running of your business and need some help getting your team trained to speak with the media or to properly engage on social media platforms, a special course can be developed to suit your needs.

You can check out the Testimonials or Press sections on my website to see what people think of me and my work. Or check out the tweets on Twitter!

Questions? Send me an email by clicking the button below. Or, for a super fast response, send me a tweet. My Twitter handle is @wordsdonewrite.

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