Read your Twitter stream like a newspaper

It seems like many people are on Twitter 24/7, but you have other things to do, right? You want to keep up with the news that your network is sharing, but can't possibly monitor your stream constantly. Well, here's a great site that should help you get through all that useful information. collects the best news from your stream and groups it into relevant categories (e.g. technology, business, entertainment, sports) and hashtags. It also embeds the videos and photos that people are sharing. As for the page, well, it kind of looks like a page in a newspaper.

Just allow to connect to your Twitter page, it will pull the best info from your stream, and then give you a personally branded page (in my case, for example, it's You can then either visit your page for the best news of the day, or maybe even share your page with friends. In any case, it's provides a user-friendly overview of what's happening in your corner of the Twittersphere. You can also follow other people's pages to see what's happening in their networks.

In this age of aggragator sites, it's nice to have options. We all digest information differently, so if you need a better way to remain connected to your network and the info they share, check out If you like it, by all means, let me know what you think. Have a site you like better? Share it!

Happy aggregating!


  1. WOW~!! This is AMAZING~!!! What a COOL SITE~!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Amber, maybe I can keep up better now! Nope, I don't have a better alternative =)
    Anita @ModelSupplies & DNAshopper

  2. Anita: You're very kind. I've had so many conversations with people lately who say they have a tough time staying on top of all the Twitter info, so I thought this might be a good resource. I also saw that one of your followers who retweeted this, tweeted a link to her new page shortly afterwards, so I hope to hear if anyone else finds this tool useful.

    Thanks so much for your support, Anita!

  3. I just had a chance to really give this a look. Impressive! I will definitely give this a go :)

    I use Tweetdeck at home, but I don't have it installed at work. This may be just what I need.

  4. Tom: Personally, I think the site is pretty handy. Kind of nice to see all the highlights of the day, and I especially like the embedded videos and photos.

    Thanks for chiming in, Tom!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I haven't heard about it. This is definitely something that I'd use and something more people need to know about!

  6. Alaia: Thank you for visiting! I get a kick out of sharing cool things and I thought this qualified. Anything to help us manage the never-ending information we consume daily ;->

  7. What a kick! I didn't know about this cool service... amazing that I'm in one of your featured videos!

    Thank you for sharing Amber.

    I appreciate all you do to help everyone on Twitter.

    Love, Peace and JOY~


  8. Jeanette: Thanks for stopping by! I had a different screen grab at first and then realized if I did another one I could include your #JeanetteTV video. Good luck with your project! And thanks so much for your nice words!


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