Scott Stratten: Mayor of Awesome Town

There are lots of big names out there in the social media space, but very few who measure up to the hype. Scott Stratten, however, is all that and more. He's like a supersized, double fudge brownie with extra frosting and mini marshmallows on top. He's awesome on steriods.

This week, I had the pleasure of seeing Scott in person as he visited Orange County, California; stop 21 on a 30 city book tour. The event, sponsored by LinkedOC, brought together 300 people who understand (or want to understand) how to UNmarket. What's UNmarketing? Aside from being Scott's Twitter handle and the title of his new book, UnMarketing is the way we should all be engaging with customers in the marketplace. UnMarketing is the future.

I've followed Scott on Twitter for more than a year, I've watched his videos, and I've read his blog. It didn't take me long to realize Scott is a goofball who loves to play dress up (as evidenced by the hats, boas, and other get-ups he wears during his videos). But, Scott gets it. Big time. If your company is blowing it on the marketing or customer service fronts, they need to join the Church of UnMarketing. If there was ever a cult that you wouldn't mind being abducted by, this is it.   

Now, I have a pad full of great notes from the event and as much as I'd like to regurgitate everything he said, I don't want to ruin it for you if you ever get the chance to hear him in person. If you've ever seen your most favorite comedian perform, I can say with complete confidence that he or she is not funnier than Scott. With great lines like, "Every time you ask for ROI on social media, a kitten dies," you know that Scott isn't just your run of the mill guy.

As new media changes the landscape, traditional marketers must come to the realization that engagement is powerful. You must stop marketing to your customers and, instead, speak with them. Listen to them, learn from them, and build a relationship with them. That's what UnMarketing is all about.

Want to join the cult, er club, and be an UNmarketer? Buy the book, follow him, and change it up. Then oust the Chief Marketing Officer at your company with your awesomeness. Trust me, it's Amber-approved.


  1. Hey Amber - "awesome" to meet you last night! :-) This is a great post and it shows how positively riled up we all get when a speaker grabs us by the collar and shakes us. Look forward to many more meet-ups with you and the rest of the awesome Orange County community!

  2. Hee hee. Thanks for leaving an "awesome" comment, Tim! Hearing Scott speak kinda makes you feel like you do after you've drank a six-pack of Mountain Dew, huh?

    So glad to finally meet you in person, too! Until next time, you awesome blogger, you!

  3. I wish I could have attended his talk when he was down here in SLC. Scott is brilliant, and knows the game well!

  4. Sorry you missed all the in-person goodness! Although the space is jam-packed with "experts", Scott is one of the few who actually deliver!

    Thanks for chiming in, Andrew! If the video from LinkedOC is posted online, I'll be sure to share a link.

  5. Not a single thing to add to your blog here because you summed up last night perfectly. Just have to say how much I enjoyed seeing Scott do his thing in person (very key) and meeting you up close as well. Nothing like the real thing - as much as I love social media. Social is the real social. Let's do it again soon. :)

  6. Love it, Jennifer! Social IS the real social, huh? Scott was rockin' as were you! So glad to turn our Twitter connection into a IRL one! Looking forward to seeing you again soon (under less freezing conditions, of course)!

  7. Couldn't agree more Amber, Scott is awesome and so are you! I think Scott is spot on when he says that this awesomeness isn't out of reach, it's within us--we just have to choose to do it over mediocrity. This shouldn't be an excuse for analysis paralysis...I think it's important NOT to be afraid to fail and to take calculated risks. It's not about being perfect, just make it meaningful.

    I wish more bosses or managers could hear that un-marketing is a choice too. That is, we don't have to do the same meaningless, (sometimes expensive), mind-numbing things that don't make sense. Working in a cubicle can suck the life out of you enough--we shouldn't compound things by making people cold call all day if it's not working...

  8. Bryan, thanks so much for chiming in! The story you shared about spending $30,000 on a focus group 10 years ago, and how social media has now given us the ability to solicit opinions for free, was a solid example of how the landscape is changing.

    Human nature is interesting in that people are so resistant to change. Why, oh why, do people need to keep their rituals and habits if they no longer work? The world is changing and if companies and their employees don't change with it, they are hastening their own demise.

    You are absolutely correct. Unmarketing IS a choice. It's sad that so many small and large businesses are so stuck in tradition that they refuse to open their eyes to it. Just a subtle shift in how we look at customers can change EVERYTHING. That alone can make the difference between record profits and filing for bankruptcy!

    Thanks again for sponsoring another stellar event, Bryan. And, although I didn't write about the panel, the four people you put together from FuelTV, ESPN, Entrepreneur magazine, and Tom's Shoes were great. Thanks for bringing quality events to Southern California!

  9. Priscilla @shescookinNovember 14, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    Thanks to you, Amber, I've followed Scot for almost a year. Unfortunately, I am out of town (family matters) and missed hearing him speak on Wed. So bummed. Thanks for the recap.

  10. Priscilla! Thanks so much for chiming in. Scott gives great speeches. So funny, informative, and thought provoking.

    Many of his keynotes are online. If you've never seen one, here's a link to his presentation at TedX: Hope your family matters aren't too dire and thanks for stopping by to say hello! You're a gem ;->

  11. Re: "If there was ever a cult that you wouldn't mind being abducted by, this is it."

    LOL! I have to agree though, Scott gets it, big time. I love the way he delivers (passionate, fun and informative) and it's great that his writing style is just the same (when you read "UnMarketing", it's like your having a conversation with Scott).

    Good to see you at the event Amber and glad you had a great time!

  12. It's great when people who have such valuable messages are able to convey them via public speaking. Just because someone can write, or they have good ideas, doesn't mean they can excite a crowd. Fortunately, the top guys on the social media speaking circuit right now are fantastic! So enjoyable! And, Scott is just a dynamo.

    Thanks for stopping by, Ricardo!


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