Finding your million dollar idea

Everyone says it. Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. As someone who's had jobs that I've loved and jobs that I've hated, I can attest to this. I'm sure you can, too.

Today, I was reading the story of Brad and Jera Deal. They took a hobby that they enjoyed with their children and, over time, turned it into a $10 million business. You may have seen them on Martha Stewart, Oprah, or Rachel Ray. In short, they take photos of everyday things that resemble letters of the alphabet. They then frame each letter individually and people can buy letters to spell out words, names, or phrases. You can watch Brad and Jera's story below:

The thing that makes this story especially noteworthy to me is that it is a creative endeavor that was born out of a routine, family activity. Brad and Jera didn't sit around trying to come up with their million dollar idea; they were cultivating that idea all along. They only had to recognize its potential.

Look at your life. Your routines, your habits, your hobbies. Do you have a system you've created for organizing yourself? How about something you've rigged up because no "real" product existed to meet your needs? Have you been doing something that you enjoy, that others might enjoy, as well? Think about it. Really think about it.

Sometimes, opportunity doesn't knock because it's already in our homes. It's sacked out on the couch with us as we watch Seinfeld reruns and thrust our hands into a bag of Cheetos.

Wake up. Open your eyes. Examine your life. Is that million dollar idea already in your world just waiting for you to notice it?


  1.'s Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut...not Cheetos.  Just so we are clear.  Sadly, I am not very clever or creative and most of my daily routines and habits are about as boring as watching paint dry.  My husband, however, CONSTANTLY has phenomenal ideas that I think are "pursuit worthy", but he is completely content to just keep thinking about new and creative concepts/inventions and never take them to the next level.  Sigh.  So, I guess I'll just have to earn that million dollars the old fashioned a lottery ticket ;-)
    Thanks for a fun post Amber!!

  2.  Maybe there's a future in paint drying? The Paint Drying Channel, perhaps? Each hour is a different color?

    Win the lottery and your winnings can fund it ;-)

    ---> Thanks for stopping by, Claudia!

  3. Did I ever tell you I found a million dollars once? I figured since it wasn't mine I decided just to leave it on the side of the road.

    I also have a Cheetos story/joke but it's about an unemployed guy who had an orange 'something' because he was laying around the house all day eating Cheetos but he wasn't watching Seinfield.....but since this is a gentile sight, we will keep it clean.........even if you did write about gay porn once.........:).

    You just never know what will click and if you were to pursue it a little further you might be able to monetize it, huh? In my case, I might have a better chance of winning it instead of making it happen.

    I think a lot of people see 'social' as that platform to make it happen for them. The opportunity is certainly there, you just have to find the right alignment, huh?

    Hola ma'am. Have I been doing a better job of staying on script and actually commenting on what your post is about? 

  4. Well, you stayed on script even though the Cheetos story took an R-rated turn... ;-) But, you're right, you have me on the gay porn front. I did go X-rated. What can I say? It happens...

  5.  What do they say? Luck is when inspiration meets perspiration!

  6. Wow! Really inspiring Amber. I LOVE stories like this :-)

  7. Hello, my lovely!

    Wasn't that a good story? And, I love the product, too! How creative and fun.

    Have a great day, Vanessa! 


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