Do you report GOOD customer service?

I am an equal opportunity tattletale. When I get really bad service, I'm not shy about speaking with the manager or the corporate office. However, along with reporting subpar service I strongly believe comes the duty to report excellent service, as well. Lately, I'm pleased to say I've had several really great customer service experiences.

My most recent positive encounter came this week at the dentist's office. After I almost fell asleep in the chair waiting for the dentist, the assistant stopped by and did his best to help me pass the time. We bonded over music (a conversation which was prompted by the Muzak being piped into the office) and, ironically, we discovered we had the same birthday! I'm skeptical, so I did ask to see his driver's license and, no lie, it was the same day.

It only took a little bit of friendliness and humanness to turn a long wait into a fun conversation that helped take my mind off the clock. And, when the dentist finally arrived I told him how delightful Julio had been and how much I appreciated his great people skills.

When was the last time you encountered a cashier who gave you a sincere smile and salutation? Do you remember a time when a clerk or waiter(ess) went above and beyond to get you what you needed? And, when was the last time you made sure the manager knew how much you appreciated that employee?

Good customer service is dependent on all of us. If we don't tell management about the good eggs, we can't complain about all the bad ones.


  1. Excellent read here Amber.

    The last time I had a standout experience was at the Olive Garden. My server was really helpful and understanding that I had a long day at work and brought out my meals and beer quicker than anyone had in the past year. He was also very friendly, asking me about my work and talking about his experience with school.

  2. I left, wandered to Hallmark, PetCo and then was buying two books at B&N. The cashier gave me the slip to sign without a motion to give me a pen. I pulled one out of my pocket and she said, "Oh, are you too good for my pen?" Before I could digest it, the cashier from the other store tapped me and said, "how wonderful it's you...I put your ornament at the end of the register - it never got in your bag."

    We were saying "what a great coincidence" & the B&N cashier chimed in, "Well, that's because you're at Barnes and Noble." I smiled and agreed and said, "and it's so weird because I've been reading these angel books about serendipities." And as I walked away the B&N cashier said, "how rude she talked about 'angels'...what if I were Jewish?"

    It's interesting how memorable a bad experience can be, but LIKEWISE, a GREAT experience! The cashier at Cost Plus is getting a letter to the manager because she made my night!

  3. "Good Customer Service" is a lost art. I continue to be shocked with how badly things can be. I so enjoyed "Umbecauseisaidso's" comments. What a rude character that person was at B&N. However, I also agree that it is important to let the store know when you get outstanding service, it helps to reinforce the good behavior, too.

  4. FORREST: Thanks for stopping by! What a nice story of good customer service! Isn't it great when someone can turn that frown upside down?

    UMBECAUSEISAIDSO: What a story! And thanks for taking the time to write a letter to the manager. Isn't great customer service such a joy?

    ALMA: You are correct; it IS a lost art, unfortunately. You are someone who offers great customer service in your professional and personal lives, so I appreciate you weighing in on the subject!

  5. What a great story, Rachel! You went above and beyond. What a good consumer you are!

  6. Wow I loved this reminded me of a time I "tattled" on someone for good customer service and also reminds me of some of what I dislike about the electronic communication.

    A few years back, I was riding the subway and the conductor was so pleasant during the whole trip. I know this makes it sound was not but it felt like it was...the conductors constant and manner of communication made the trip so pleasant that I just had to get his name which I did as he was pulling out of the was pretty funny. Next...I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with this information but I just KNEW I had to tell someone. I went on the MTA website expecting only to find a generic "Contact Us" form but alas I was able to find the Presidents of each of the Divisions. I wasn't sure which one to write I wrote to all of them...CCing all of them on each letter, so that they all knew they were being contacted. I let them all know what a wonderful job this guy had done in making my morning commute so incredibly and pleasantly memorable. I even received written responses back from them. Unfortunately, if I had to write that letter would go into a nameless "Contact Us" form likely with no response.

  7. Aww. I think the receptionist’s interaction with her customers must be supervised so that something like that will not happen again. Customers always expect a friendly and courteous interaction with the receptionists, staff, and employees to create professional working relationship. Being casual and friendly is fine, but both must come with respect and formality.

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