My avatar gets a thumbs up

I am extremely honored today to be included as a "good example" in Forrest Kobayashi's blog post about Twitter avatars. In addition to his regular, awesome blog, Forrest has started a second blog all about Twitter. TweetsPost has great Twitter tips and I'm sure will soon become a trusted resource for many savvy social media folks.

Click HERE to check out Forrest's piece on how to improve your Twitter profile photo. And, if you're inclined, leave a comment (we bloggers LOVE comments!).


  1. Amber, it is my pleasure to feature your profile picture on TweetsPost. Out of the Twitter users I closely follow, the @wordsdonewrite photo you've selected is among the best and clearest profile photos I've seen.

    I hope that you and your readers can take away some valuable tips and information from the blog! Thanks again.

  2. Forrest,

    TweetsPost is already bookmarked on my computer!


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