A bad case of tunnel vision

I love a smart ad. I watched the video below and after I answered the first question correctly, I was feeling pretty cocky. When the second question came, I felt more dense than cheesecake made with double cream cheese.

Let me know how you do...


  1. Ok,so if you're cheesecake, what am I? I have seen this before (or actually something similar only with a gorilla), so I knew what to look for. But I STILL missed the *#@*^$& bear!

  2. I nailed the first question too! I did notice something odd for the second question but I was way to engrossed in counting the passes to know what that distraction was.

    I'd say the commercial does a splendid job of illustrating the point!

  3. Tina: Ha! That's funny ;-> Thanks for the awesome comment!

    Tom: Fun piece, huh? I didn't believe it and replayed the piece from the beginning. Well, points to us for getting the first question, anyway. At least we have that ;->

  4. I got the first question right, too, and noticed something odd that was obstructing my vision a little, but paid no attention. Brilliant~!!!

    Anita @ModelSupplies

  5. Anita: I just thought this was so neat. A great idea for a PSA on awareness. Kind of like the optical illusion puzzles.


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