Can I put this person in spelling prison? Pretty please?

Typos happen. We spend most of our days tapping out messages on qwerty keyboards or on small touch screen phones. Every once in a while our typing gets sloppy and looks like word vomit. We're not stupid; our fingers just get lazy.

That said, when we print, there is no excuse for a misspelled word. If we spell it wrong, it's safe to say we just don't know how to spell it (and don't care enough to look it up). Some words are challenging. I'll be generous and consider that a given. However, the word below is NOT.

I saw this sign as I was zipping around this weekend. It makes me sad and a little mad. Yard isn't even a word that requires you to sound it out. Heck, it's one stinkin' syllable! YarG? Really? Is this really what America has come to?

Forget universal health care, can we just buy everyone in this country a freakin' dictionary?


  1. I always try to jettison my extra "yargs" at garage sales - they tend to sell quite nicely!!! Seriously, yes that is sad. It just is.

  2. Paula: Hee hee. You're funny! I think THESE people sold their dictionary at their last yarG sale!

    Anali/Lisa: I would love to be the warden of spelling prison. Prisoners would fill their days with flashcards and Scrabble. Those who needed a time out would have to play Hangman. ;->

  3. I swear Amber, when I walk on the weekends I keep threatening to take some post-it notes so that I can leave them on all the "professional" signs on businesses with incorrect spelling or typos. Argh!

  4. Alma: A woman after my own heart! I hear ya!

    I always want to make corrections on the take-out menus that are left on my door and then hand deliver them back to the restaurant!

  5. I'm surprised that you don't carry a red pen for when grading opportunities present themselves :)

    When I get irate emails with bad spelling and punctuation, I like to print them out and grade them.

  6. Tom: Who says I don't carry a red pen? ;->


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