Attract Customers with Interactive Video

Humans are visual people. I mean, c'mon, how many hours do we waste each week watching videos online? Be honest (yes, I'm looking at you).

People frequently like to consume information in the easiest way possible. And watching is less effort than reading. So how, as a business person, do you capitalize on that? Be more interactive!

A video doesn't just have to be video these days. With the tools that are out there, there's no reason you can't jazz up your videos to better sell your message (and make more money). For example, check out this great video from the people at PEEPS:

The brilliant folks at PEEPS have overlayed nearly 30 clickable links on their video, all boasting cool things you can do with their tasty, marshmallow birdies and bunnies. Chances are extremely high that customers will click on at least one of those links to learn about something neat they can do with a PEEP. And, of course, to execute that fun gotta buy some PEEPS!

The next time you create a video to promote yourself or your business, keep the end user in mind. Is your video memorable? Engaging? Interactive? If not, go back to the drawing board. People don't share boring ads; but they do share things they love. 

Make it easy for people to learn more about you or your product--and they'll soon become customers.


  1. I've got a face for radio, maybe I can hire someone better looking and younger to be my 'stand-in,' huh? And when I show up in person, they'll say 'who the heck are you?' but I liked your video...:).

  2. You're got a lovely face, Mister! But, if you're uncomfortable on screen, you can always do a point of view video. Or one that features others!

  3. I think videos are the leading way to get information across to consumers. It is crazy how viral a video can get. In just a couple of days millions of people worldwide could be quoting your video. Whether they know it or not, consumers have your product in their heads and or more likely to buy it. I think PEEPS did amazing with this advertisement.


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