Should You Have a Catchphrase?

One of the ways you get noticed online is to be memorable. Are you memorable?

I was recently looking at a page my friend liked on Facebook and I was struck by how the person who manages the page uses the same phrase at the end of all the updates: That makes me smile.

The page is called Unlucky Victor and is about a dog who was attacked, kicked, shot, and ultimately rescued. Today, Victor lives in a loving home and all the Facebook updates are written in his voice. No matter what he says, he ends with that makes me smile. This catchphrase makes this page more memorable than any of the other pages I like. It makes me a fan.  

This kind of tactic is a unique way to brand your efforts and is a really smart idea. Think about it. Could you benefit from a catchphrase that you use on your blog, website, newsletter, or any other form of online outreach? If so, well, that makes me smile.


  1. I actually have a catchphrase that I started at the beginning of my career. Stay sexy. Since my audience is women, I wanted to remind them that sexy starts from within. It's confidence and pride in yourself. It's more about attitude than short skirts. Many of my books spotlight a woman who is coming into her own, embracing her true self, finding her sexy, and claiming the man she loves. But finding your inner sexy and holding your head high isn't just for fictional characters, it's for all people. So I very often sign emails, newsletters, and blogs posts with:

    Stay sexy,


  2. That's a great phrase for your audience, Selena! Glad to hear you've had success with a catchphrase. Nice work!

  3. I used to end my posts w/ 'that is all' but that was as 'catchy' as I could get. Maybe I'll Google catchy catch phrases and find one I can borrow, huh?

  4. I love when things have catch phrases! It makes a good ending to a blog and makes it feel more complete. For me, it makes the blog more personal. I hope I can put catch phrases in my blog. I always wondered if it was appropriate to have on your blog. Thanks for the article!


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