Glamour ups the nude factor

Today, the November issue of Glamour hits newsstands. The best part: seven nude women in their birthday suits, fat rolls and all.

As your may recall, in September, plus-size model Lizzy Miller posed nude for the magazine. Her pot belly out there for everyone to see. The response was overwhelmingly positive, especially from women who had grown tired of looking at stick figures with breasts.

To keep the positive momentum going, Glamour scheduled yet another photo shoot. This one, a group of nude, plus-size women showing off what their mamas gave 'em. Now, for men who don't know any better, keep in mind that "plus-size" is really only a size 12, the average size for women in America. (To hear from the models and Glamour's editor-in-chief about what this all means for the future of women's modeling and fashion, check out the video from their appearance on The Ellen Show.)

Now, I doubt men will be cheering about seeing overweight women shed their skivvies for the camera, but it is such a huge step for women. We're not perfect; we're real. We have flaws and few of us look like Victoria's Secret fashion models.

And, here's the beauty part. If more average-shaped women are shown in the media, maybe, just maybe, our daughters won't grow up in a world where they're ashamed of being real. Now that, my friends, is something to cheer about.


  1. The irony, of course, being that these 'real' size women are still smaller than most of the population. And seem to have less cellulite than most 15 year olds.

  2. Jessie,

    Yeah, I did make a point of looking for cellulite. Maybe the world is ready for pot bellies, but not cottage cheese thighs.

    Baby steps...

  3. Who knew I was "plus size"? Good Heavens, I always thought I was just a few lovable pounds over. Hey, guys really don't want us to be stick figures. And they don't mind seeing any of us naked, fat rolls and all. It's us women who buy into this nonsense. And the less we do, the more the fashion industry will pay attention.

    Every time I watch a fashion show, I have one overriding thought: "Buy them girls some cheeseburgers!!!"

  4. Jessie - never forget that photo shop works on plus sizes, too. I'd put money on it that the REAL photo looks much different than the one printed in the magazine. They airbrushed out the cellulite, softened the curves, made the skin tones brighter and healthier looking, and, for the most part, we still aren't seeing reality.

  5. Beth, I heard a radio ad yesterday for a weight loss center. The woman was an obese size 8! Size 8!!!

    I would agree with you on most points, I do think, however, there is some regional issues that come into play. Jessie and I are both from Los Angeles and "acceptable" weight standards are much different. I do concur, though, we all need to be comfortable in our bodies. That's for sure!

  6. Absolutely, Beth! Magazines can't shock us with too much reality. After all, they do need to move magazines!

    I think I need my own airbrush artist ;->

  7. loving this article and the comments here. Beth u are right, the earlier we learn how to be ourselves and not what the society or the next person wants us to be, the better life we will live

  8. Ogo, thanks for adding to our discussion with your perspective. Being happy with ourselves is the key, isn't it?


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