Fitness website helps people meet goals

It's January first which means one thing to the majority of people: eat better and exercise more. It seems to be the one resolution that brings us together as a society.

To help you get started on the right path this year, check out It's a great cyber fitness journal and activity log that allows you to track your workouts, create fitness goals, posts photos and videos, make and share walking or running routes, and meet like-minded people.

DailyMile has a handy events section that lists marathons, 5Ks, and half-marathons so you know what's happening in your area (and you can add activities to your online calendar). There is a robust forum for Q & A, and a variety of groups to join (e.g. running, cycling, triathlon, etc.). You can also invite your friends to join your community so you can compete against one another!

For those of you who want to incorporate more techie features into your DailyMile experience, you can sync your Facebook or Twitter accounts to the site so you can update your activities when you're out and about. There are also some great widgets that allow you to share your training schedules and upcoming races!

So, if your New Year's resolution is to hop on the fitness bandwagon, check out DailyMile. It could be just the thing to keep yourself committed to your healthy, new lifestyle!


  1. Daily Mile is AWESOME I've been on the site since the Summer of last year and it's a great support system plus I'm a big fan of their analytics.

  2. Intresting post regarding fitness website helping ou people!! In todays world health and fitness is surely becoming area of high concern.

  3. JT: Thanks for chiming in. So glad your experience with Daily Mile has been positive!

    Fitness Website: Thanks for your comment. Indeed, health and fitness is an important topic.


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