When ordinary people become paparazzi

Today, singer Adam Lambert sent out the following tweet:

Shortly afterwards, he sent out these two tweets:

Obviously, with less than one year in the limelight, Adam is new to the world of celebrity. He has maintained an active presence on Twitter and is pretty candid about where he goes and what he does. However, as his star rises, it seems as though he's starting to realize that every ordinary citizen is now an unofficial member of the paparazzi.

In this day and age where nearly everyone has a smartphone, a digital camera, and mobile video capturing capabilities, is anything off limits? Should celebrities consider the invasion of privacy the price of fame? Or has technology and social media destroyed our ability to think of anything as private?

What do YOU think?


  1. Ha, problem is exactly what happened. Hello, you announced it! Maybe the next time, don't announce it! Everything is searchable now. Everything. Nice post.

  2. I think the onset of social media has given celebrities complete control over their persona. For the first time, THEY can decide to release information, to connect with their fans, and to showcase the elements of their personality that they prefer the public see.

    Take Ashton Kutcher and Mariel Hemingway - they twitter, they share, they chat. They have taken control.

    But yes, if you twitter where you are going to be, you most certainly can't be surprised when people show up to see you.

  3. I'm not sure why he's surprised! How many celebs have their assistants call paparazzi "sources" to let them know where they're at so they DO get photographed? LOTS OF THEM. Twitter is much more fan based, so Adam, bring a sharpie and make sure your fabulous eyeliner is on straight when you leave the house if you're going to tweet about it.

    I think in this day and age of celebrity, the fish bowl comes with the package.

  4. I think it's the price one pays for fame. Really, does anyone expect to be famous and still remain outside of the public eye? Plus anyone that tweets their location and doesn't want to be found, really is not all that bright.

    Just my .02!

    Great post :)

  5. Totally agree that once you step into the limelight you step out of anonymity! I say take full advantage of it cause I am sure their are some celebrities out there who wish the paparazzi still cared about them!

  6. I agree with Tom, we need to be careful what we wish for; sometimes fame and infamy are inseparable.


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