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I don't know about you, but I feel as though as everything is sponsored nowadays. The weather forecast on my local news is sponsored by a furniture company, the concert that I just bought tickets to is sponsored by an electronics company, the community event I'm attending next weekend is sponsored by a fast food chain. Everything is "brought to you" by someone.

Well, apparently comedian Elayne Boosler feels the same way.

I found this great stand-up routine she did a few years ago at Tony La Russa's 60th birthday bash. Since Tony is a baseball legend, Elayne delivered color commentary for a ball game (and you'll get a kick out of the sponsorship angle!). If you work in marketing, enjoy baseball, or just want a good laugh, this is a great piece!


  1. That is pretty entertaining and unfortunately true! In Chicago, the Chicago White Sox are sponsored by 7-11. Would you care to guess what time every evening home game starts?

    Tom Waits and Neil Young are two artists that have refused to allow their music to be used for commercials. In fact, Tom Waits has successfully sued a few companies that have used his music after he explicitly told them no.

    Great post!

  2. No way! They start games at 7:11? Wow, they're really working that sponsorship for all it's worth!

    As for music in commercials, I experience a combination of emotions ranging from sad to mad when a favorite song ends up pimping a product. It is forever ruined.

    Thanks for the comment, Tom!

  3. Great video, interesting post and comments by Tom. As a former pharmaceutical product manager I can't say that I think the 7:11 start time is anything less than just good marketing BUT the promotional creep has become promotional leap! Just this Monday, while watching Two and a-half Men, Charlie gave a brand mention to Viagra. Made me wonder if there was a bidding war with Cialis for the plug or if it was used generically which could hurt the brand, ala 'kleenex' or 'tylenol'. I agree with you, Amber that a favorite song can be tainted by a commercial. Interesting, but not surprising, to learn from Tom, that Neil Young (my best 'vinyl' friend from 9th grade) forbids use of his music in commercials.

  4. Jeanne,

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Absolutely, the 7-Eleven thing is smart. I'm sure it was a big win for the company. Thank goodness their name isn't 10-Forty-three or folks would have fallen asleep in their seats waiting for the game to start ;->

    I wonder all the time about product placement in TV shows (I wrote about it in an earlier post), but just assume it is all compensated. In this day and age, I'm sure the shows are very aware of their power to make money off a carefully inserted word.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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