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As most of you know, I'll check out most any social media site to see what it's all about. It might be a fit for me; it might not. But I always like to know what's out there.

I recently came across and, at first, thought it to be nothing more than an aggragator site. However, upon further analysis, I think it's something worth sharing.

Now, if you want to follow all your friends' content from different sites, I'd stick with FriendFeed. However, if you're looking to put all your content together to market yourself, I think is ideal.

You can personalize your page (see the demo video below), add any of the 18 services they support (e.g. Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr), and turn your page into a one-stop shop to showcase your online presence. You can add the feeds to all your social networking sites, or just the links. could be especially beneficial to those who do not have a website or a blog and want to give people a web address that tells more about them.

If you'd like to see a solid example of how can be maximized, check out Stacey Soleil's page. She's added 9 services and personalized her homepage with a large photo of herself. Stacey's also done a great job utilizing the colors from the photo to create a color palette for the rest of her page. From her professional LinkedIn information to her Foursquare check-ins, tweets, videos, and blogs, you can get a real feel for what Stacey is all about.

If you're looking for a way to enhance your personal branding, might be a good tool to help you. At a minimum, it's a great resource that can help you highlight the content that you're generating on your social networking sites. And, unlike FriendFeed, you can create a page that is unique to your personality. So, what flavor are you?


  1. Definitely something to think about since I am more active on social networking sites than I am on my blog.

  2. Annette: Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I think many folks are just like you in that they are very active on many sites, but maybe not as much so on their blogs. I also liked the variety of services it supports, so you can really create the appropriate tone for your page.

    Thanks for chiming in, Annette!

  3. Just created a acct a couple days ago and this extra info on how to customize, personalize and utilize it is great. Thanks Amber!

  4. Lindsay: So glad to hear the info was helpful. It's so easy to just scratch the surface on what some of these platforms can do.

    Thanks for taking the time to chime in with a comment. I appreciate your contribution to the conversation!

  5. Tx for such a thoughtful and detailed review! is a great place to start if you want to learn how to use each feature and highlights some really wonderful examples.

  6. Jonathan: Well, if it isn't the founder of! Thanks so much for sharing these additional links with us, Jonathan. I'll be sure to check them out.

    I know people use platforms differently and sometimes usage evolves (as Twitter has), but the personal branding potential of is what struck me the most. Good luck with the site and keep up the great work!

  7. Hey Todd: You can find my page at :-)


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