What will crazy, old loons do if newspapers fold?

As some of you already know, I spent two years at The Los Angeles Times. The time period in which I was there was one of the most turbulent in the industry (and it continues today). Newspapers are struggling to adapt to the changing world in which people consume news online and in real time. The business model is taking an unprecedented hit and many wonder how long newspapers will survive.

Although I have the utmost respect for the quality journalism that newspapers produce, I couldn't help but to laugh and cry at the video below. I firmly believe that newspapers keep politicians and government agencies accountable like no online news site does, or can, but there's something tragically accurate about this spoof from The Onion. I suspect this sad account might just be all too true.


  1. haha i love the line, "speaking as a loon, myself, stacking is a treasured pastime, lol. - nice find, amber!

  2. Whatever will my dog piss on? Oh, sure. I could buy those pricey "wee-wee" pads, but my dog weighs 150 pounds. There's nothing wee-wee about his puddles of piss. I'd go broke. There is indeed a crisis here.

    Seriously, Amber. I agree with you. I grew up in the Bay Area and we read the Chronicle cover to cover every day. We sat in coffee house (pre-Starbucks) reading and having actual discussions. People seem to only be able to absorb the news in sound bites now.

  3. Claudia: Thank you for stopping by! I thought this video was too fun not to post.

  4. Jayne: As for the dog, all I can say is good luck. Better start a wee wee pad savings account now! As for your coffee house story, sadly, it will be a nice memory in a world without newsprint, won't it?


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