This is one coupon I'll actually redeem

Isn't it satisfying when you see a company implement a smart idea? Something that makes you wonder why someone didn't do it before? Well, I had that very thought as I took my receipt from the cashier at Vons today.

Usually when you get your supermarket receipt, it is accompanied with a store coupon that entices you to return to the market and buy a specific item. Well, today, as I started to stash the store coupon in my purse, I noticed it wasn't a store coupon at all. What was it? It was a coupon for 20% off girl's best friend. Yes, I mean shoes.

In fact, the coupon was not for Vons at all; it was for Payless Shoe Source. It seems as though my local market isn't going to annoy me any longer with a 25¢ off coupon for generic peanut butter that expires in three days. It's actually realized that disseminating third-party coupons to its customers can be a revenue source. Wow!

Now, it's this kind of thinking that more businesses should implement. It helps the company, or supermarket in this case, bring in additional revenue without raising prices for its customers. This is the kind revenue strategy that I like and I wish more companies would explore.

Now enough blogging. I have shoes to buy!


  1. Yep-I love that marketing idea too. Until recently I could count on getting coupons for my drycleaner when I shopped at Pavillions. Sometimes I was saving more money with the coupon than I was spending at the grocery store. It felt like a little victory. Unfortunately, no shoes were involved.

  2. Kathy,

    Thanks for your comment. It's good to know that Pavillions does it, too. Although since it's part of the Vons family, I guess that makes sense. That's super that you were able to save as much as you spent! I bet that was a real incentive to shop there. Goes to show you how markets can create loyalty, huh?

    I do have to admit, the coupon was completely new to me. Although, in the effort of full disclosure, I rarely shop at the grocery store so I'm not the best barometer of what's hot in the supermarket industry. Most of my food comes from Trader Joe's and take-out menus!


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