I am a consumer, hear me roar

Not too long ago, I wrote about My Starbucks Idea. A Web 2.0 version of the old-fashioned suggestion box. If you like the concept of submitting your ideas and having peers vote on them, and if you're a fan (or critic!) of Dell computer products, you should like IdeaStorm just as much.

Submit your suggestion on how Dell can improve its customer experience or product catalog, encourage your friends to vote for your idea, vote on other ideas you like, and see if your suggestion gets put into action. So far, more than 13,000 ideas have been submitted, and more than 400 have been implemented.

Dell has also expanded on the concept by creating Storm Sessions. Essentially, it's timed and targeted crowdsourcing. Dell will share a current business challenge and ask the community for input (more in the video below).

Companies can learn so much from its customers, so why not take an active role in enhancing your own user experience? Whether it's coffee or computers, it's the consumer who knows best.


  1. Starbucks is the coolest company EVER~!! @Klout sent me some coffee~!! I'm not sure why they sent it, but I'm glad it was Starbucks =D
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  2. Anita: I'm sure Klout sent you something because you're worth wooing, oh Twitter Queen! It is nice to see companies who get it, compared to the majority that don't.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. It certainly is refreshing to see companies engage their customers like this. I think Social Media is really going to be the catalyst that makes this idea catch on with more companies, especially as Social Media becomes more mainstream.

    Can you imagine how a company like Ford could benefit from an idea like this? I'm picturing automobiles redesigned after a years worth of feedback.

    On the other hand, think of the backlash a company can experience by asking for feedback and NOT listening to their customers.

    Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me. Great post!

  4. Tom: I think you're right. This IS the future and it is cool and exciting! Initiatives like this certainly bring the "public" back to public relations, eh?


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