Needed: drunk frat boys to flush toilets

When you're a student in college, adding that first company to the ole' resume can be humbling. Will it be a job at Barney's Burger Hut? Or your dad's business, Joe's Gardening? Well, a few hundred kids in Pennsylvania will get to add the Pittsburgh Penguins as their first employer!

Now, the catch. The job with this National Hockey League (NHL) team isn't glamorous, but if you sell it right, it could be a great conversation starter in these students' future interviews. The job? Flushing a toilet. Yep, you read right. The Penguins new arena is almost ready to open, but the construction team needs to test the plumbing. Apparently, this can only be done properly if all the stadium's toilets are flushed at exactly the same time. That requires 400 flushers to man the potties and urinals, simultaneously.

Well, the toilet jockeys have now been selected and the "Student Flush" goes live on June 10. Two-hundred and fifty students (all of which must be at least 18 years old, since this is obviously no job for a kid!) will participate in the momentous occasion; the other 150 flushers will be highly-paid, professional, construction workers.

What was your first job in college? Does it beat being a part of the great flushapalooza?


  1. LOL Great headline, Amber~!!! This is an interesting event! I thought it was going to be flushing to avoid the 15' spray of germs - to keep the hockey team safe from colds during the season~! I like the real story better than my imagined one ;-)
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  2. Anita: Thank you for your super comment. This seemed like a story that called for a flip title ;->

    Who knew so much coordination went into plumbing? I'll never look at a new arena the same way again!

  3. I actually started working during my Sophomore year of High School. I was about 15 at the time. Anyway, I worked for a gas station chain called Gas City. Life seemed so much simpler then!!

    I doubt I'd rather have the flusher gig though - just working one day would make it too easy to...wait for it..."piss" away the money.

  4. Tom: Ha! Aren't you the funny one! Ever consider a career in stand-up?

    Oh, and yes. Life WAS simpler back then. No doubt about it. I bet a gas station was a great place to meet the chicks, too! ;->

  5. Nice blog! My first of many visits. Found you through Bizarro.

    My first job involved sitting on a broken city bus that was being fixed in their garage. What did I do? I sat in the driver seat and ran handful after handful of change through the counting mechanism. Within 5 minutes my hands where pitch black. I learned money is dirty and entertaining yourself with silly things was mandatory. In many ways it was preferable to babysitting! Albeit dirtier....

  6. Inga: Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it!

    That sounds like a unique first job! I can only imagine how filthy your hands got handling all that change! As for babysitting, depending on the age of the child, THAT job COULD be much dirtier (if you get my drift).

    As for jobs, I think it's kind of fun to have some offbeat things in your past. Makes for interesting stories (like yours!).

    Thanks again for adding to the conversation, Inga (and for following my blog!)! I look forward to connecting again in the future.

  7. Another, not my first, but I was the Easter Bunny at a local department store. Hopping for hours on end, hard to do....

  8. Inga: You sound like a woman of many talents! Oh, I checked out your blog and like your content! I followed you ;->


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