Is anyone favoriting your tweets on Twitter?

I don't know about you, but I love the favorites feature on Twitter. It's a handy, but frequently underutilized option. For me, I use it to keep track of complimentary tweets (recommendations, you might say). For others, they might use it to bookmark links or other tweets that interest them. However you use it, it's great to favorite tweets that you like for one reason or another.

Anytime you visit someone's Twitter page, you can click on their favorites to learn more about them. But, in this age when we like to know who's saying what about us, I thought I'd share a neat website with all you Twitter fanatics. Favotter lets you see who in the Twittersphere has favorited any of your tweets! It's a bit voyeuristic, but it's pretty insightful to see who in your network liked what you said.

Not too long ago, I wrote about turning your Twitter stream into a newspaper. It was a pretty popular blog post and retweeted quite a bit. When I logged on to Favotter and put in my Twitter handle, I was quite surprised and pleased to learn that several people had even favorited the link to my post (thank you all so much!). It was really nice to know that people liked my piece enough to put it in their favs folder. I wouldn't have known had it not been for Favotter!

You can also use Favotter to see what tweets are popular right now, in real time, based on favoriting. Another tab lets you see the best tweets of the day and a third tab lets you search keywords that will search everyone's favorite tweets. If you're researching a product purchase or need other specific information, that option comes in handy since you're not searching everything on Twitter, but only the relevant tweets that people favorited.

Try it out and let me know what you think. I thought it was pretty nifty!


  1. I use favorites as a time management tool. I frequently catch up with tweets on my blackberry or skimming them quickly, I use favorites to mark things I want to come back and revisit.

  2. Sue: I like it! That's a smart way to use favorites. Thanks for sharing that tip ;->

  3. Oh Wow~! What a great site~!! It gave me a warm feeling in my belly - thank you, Amber~!!!

    I use favorites all the time for tweets I repeat on FollowFriday, to keep up with the timeline as a marker, to revisit, to remember a person I'm getting to know, tweets from celebs and for those favorite tweets~!!

    Now we can use this site to see what we should be tweeting more of~! (left ya dangling~! lol)
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  4. Anita: I can only imagine how many times the Queen of Twitter has been favorited! Thanks for sharing how you use favorites. It's great to hear about how other people utilize tools.

    Oh, and smart idea about using Favotter to track trends and content popularity! That's a really great tip!

  5. I too, use the favorites feature. Though as you pointed out in a general sense - I don't use it nearly enough.

    I was surprised to see who has favorited my tweets ;)

    My general rule is to favorite tweets that make me smile or for tweets that I want to check out later.


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