I'd like a fudgy bar and a pink pump, please

Make no doubt about it, women love shoes. As someone with more than 100 pairs, I can attest to that. So it's no surprise that the latest ad campaign from Famous Footwear caught my attention.

The second video on their microsite* doesn't do anything for me; it doesn't ring true (kids don't get excited about shoes like we gals do). However, video #1 with the women, now that's real to me (click on the player below to see it).

In essence, the familiar ice cream truck is transformed into a shoe truck. The driver, dressed in a crisp, white uniform, drives through the neighborhood, playing that hypnotic music that alerts women near and far that fancy pumps and athletic shoes are approaching. Women scurry out of their homes, abandoning their families and household chores. They chase after the truck with the same unbridled enthusiasm we all had when we were seven and the ice cream man came ambling down our street.

It's a fun and memorable spot that captures the joy that we girly-girls experience when we get new shoes. Personally, I'd drop the footage of the kids and husbands chasing the wayward women as they pursue cute heels, but no one asked me.

* Note: Since this original post, the microsite has been taken down.

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