Gratitude is sexy

Ashton Kutcher landed the profile in this week's Parade magazine. Although I can't really call myself a huge fan (although I did enjoy That 70s Show), this article did make me like him a lot more. He seems grounded, appreciative, and doesn't take his success for granted.

I remember reading another article on Ashton awhile back that said he used to work at a factory where we swept up Cheeto dust (yes, crumbs from Cheetos). Talk about a 180. Perhaps it's those who had humble beginnings who appreciate the good things in life more than the others. Although, really, it's the simple act of appreciation that I find endearing.

I remember watching an interview with John Stamos where he said he was no more talented than the next guy, he was just lucky. No self-indulgent drivel about how great he was; no "I deserve this" garbage that you get from so many actors. He just knew his hard work had to mesh with some good, old-fashioned luck to get him where he is today. And, he appreciated it.

What Ashton and John have is something Paris Hilton will never possess. Gratitude. It's an attribute that cannot be bought, looks good on everyone, and never goes out of fashion.

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