Journalists r' us

For two years I was lucky enough to walk the halls of the Los Angeles Times on a daily basis. I took the elevator with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, I stood in the cafeteria line with nationally-celebrated columnists, and I was humbled to be surrounded by such intelligent, talented, and noble people.

Over recent years, however, many of those fine folks have been victims of unprecedented downsizing. The print newspaper model is taking a beating, revenues are down, and budgets are being gutted. Great reporters and editors are being shown the door en mass.

This week, I was pleased to learn about an effort to reunite all these talented people under one new cyber roof. If you're looking for a top-notch reporter, designer, editor, or other newspaper professional, The Journalism Shop should be your first stop. Need a seasoned professional to tackle your next contract or freelance assignment? Each former LAT-staffer has a page with a bio, resume, published work samples, and contact information.

There is also a counterpart site for former LA Times photographers. These folks are responsible for some of the images that will be forever etched in our minds. They are experts at visual storytelling and can wow you beyond your wildest dreams.

Amazing talent is out therejust a click away. Check it out.

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