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Bryan Elliott
I love it when you discover smart people online. Folks you can learn from and engage with are such an important part of your professional development.

Now, we all know the really big names in social media such as Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Darren Rowse. Not only are they big online, but they have the added exposure of being highly successful authors. One name you may not be familiar with, however, is Bryan Elliott. If you don't know Bryan, you should.

I discovered Bryan about a year ago. He's a smart guy who has a bright future (his present is pretty darn impressive, too!). In the Los Angeles/Orange County area of California, Bryan is known for the impressive events he puts on through his organization, LinkedOC.

With a warm personality, solid business acumen, and an understanding of the value of creating community, Bryan has managed to establish a top-notch speaker series and attract some of the industry's biggest names. Earlier this year, Bryan hosted marketing guru Seth Godin (see my review HERE) and his upcoming events will feature thought leaders such as Brian Solis, Scott Stratten, and the aforementioned Chris Brogan. Getting Seth was a real coup as Seth usually only speaks in front of massive audiences at very pricey conferences. However, Bryan somehow got Seth to speak in front of a smaller group of people for an unprecedentedly low entrance fee.

Bryan also sponsors smaller networking events throughout the year where local business people can connect, buyers and sellers can meet, and all the while fostering an environment where people help one another. This phrase from his website sums up Bryan's approach best and illustrates the mindset he's trying to create through LinkedOC, "A place where innovation, creativity and collaboration thrive. And self-promotion takes a back seat to generosity."

As if that weren't enough, Bryan hosts a fun, business show on the local PBS TV channel. He is also founder of the SoCal Action Sports Network.

Even if you're not in the Southern California area, I encourage you to connect with Bryan via Twitter. He's someone you can learn from and who will add real value to your Twitter stream.  And, trust me, I know it won't be long until Bryan's name is rattled off with all the other big names in social media. Heck, he's already there in my book.


  1. Hey Amber, thanks so much for the kind words!

    The last year has been an amazing journey...
    Finding a valuable community to join can be a challenge but starting your own and leading one is an entirely different animal! Sometimes the most unlikely person becomes a leader. I have certainly felt this way...And a long legacy of leadership or years of expertise in the area doesn’t necessarily qualify you or make you a better leader. In our life we’re probably the leader and follower at times. In fact, sometimes being a follower, though it carries a stigma, takes more courage and vision than being the one in charge.

    Early on, I felt very unworthy and the least likely choice to lead. But then I realized that normal ordinary people (like me) are leading out in small ways everywhere by pursing their passion. There are ordinary people quietly doing extraordinary things because they want to change things for the better. And I think that’s all you need to get started is passion and a vision for something important–and the determination to do it.

    All the credit really belongs to the inspired people who are willing to support and follow you. They become the reason your vision is important and valuable and come into the foreground as you slip into the background.

    Keys to My (limited) Success

    1. It’s We, not Me. Understanding that communities cannot be owned. It is a privilege and weighty responsibility to lead, but ultimately the people are in control.

    2. Resisting self-promotion. One measure of how well or poorly I’m doing is by the number of people that ask me, “So, what do you do for work exactly?” The more I’m asked, the more I know I’m doing a good job because I’m not overtly selling myself or the services I provide. Of course it’s okay for people to ask and want to know–and I’m happy to tell them. But like golf, a lower score or lower number of people who know off the top of their head is better.

    3. Understanding the boomerang effect of generosity and the power of working together. 1 x 1 doesn’t go very far. But 1 x 1,000 is very powerful. This is also called synergy, right?

    4. Surrounding myself with people smarter than me. If I had to give the short answer of “what’s in it for me” I’d say the opportunity to be associated with so many amazing people.

  2. I had the pleasure of hearing Bryan speak at Social Media Day OC, follow him on Twitter, and hope to attend the next LinkedOC event and actually be able to say Hi! in person. Through LinkedOC he has harnessed the power of people working together and it will only get bigger and better!

  3. Bryan: Thanks for commenting and leaving such good advice for everyone. Yet another example of why you're so great at creating community!

    Priscilla: So glad you discovered Bryan recently. I hope to see you at the next LinkedOC event in August!

  4. Thanks much Amber, I followed Bryan based on your recommendation and I'm already learning from him. I appreciate you bringing his fine work to my attention!

  5. Knowledgebishop: So glad to hear it! And thanks so much for connecting, via DM. Nice networking skills, my friend.


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