Twitter offers early bird specials via new account

If you're active on Twitter and you like a good deal, check out the new account @earlybird. Managed by the folks at Twitter HQ, this brand new feed will feature a variety of special offers from select advertisers. As is the case with a lot of online promotions, however, supplies may be limited and you may have to act fast. I know firsthand that Twitter promotions are frequently enjoyed by those who are quick to respond.

Right now, the feed is new so the tweets are getting ready to kick into gear, but the first promotion should be coming soon. More good news is that the deals will be from large, international or national brands so most everyone should be able to get in on the fun (sorry, just the U.S. to start). Local and regional promotions are in the future, though.

Oh, and if there's a product or event that you'd especially like to get a deal on, send a tweet to @earlybird. Suggestions are welcome.

Sure, on one hand you're intentionally signing up for advertising, but on the other hand, you might be getting in on some exclusive deals. It's worth checking out and, of course, you can always unfollow if it's not your cup of virtual tea.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


  1. Sounds good.....I'm liking the look of this....the decision would be to either get in really early, or to see how this pans....I'll go for really early....I'm a bit of an experimentalist!

  2. Raven: Thanks for chiming in! I agree, it's good to be an early adopter!

    The feed just posted its first deal. Two free tickets to the Sorcerer's Apprentice! I think we're off to a good start!

  3. Amber, thanks for sharing. We're always looking for specials deals so this is right up my alley. Nothing ventured...nothing gained.


  4. Jesse: Thank you for taking the time to comment! I think that Twitter feed is off to a good start. I love a good deal, too, so I'm all over stuff like this ;->


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