Documentarian brings tweets to life

If you're a Twitter addict or just learning about this whole "social media thing", you've got to check out Twittamentary! This great new documentary by Tan Siok Siok gives an often touching and frequently humorous look at tweeting and the people who have turned Twitter into a real community.

Taking two years to complete, Siok Siok follows the stories of people across the web. From well-known commodities such as travel expert Stefanie Michaels to the brave AnnMarie Walsh, a woman who was living on the streets in Chicago, the director shows the depth and range of the social platform. Although Twitter is frequently dismissed as being frivolous, and is still misunderstood by a great percentage of the population, tweeting has brought strangers together in all kinds of special ways.

Here's a trailer (although I don't think it really does the film justice): 

Siok Siok will be hosting beta screenings (check the schedule HERE) until she ultimately starts showing the documentary at festivals and other venues. If you love Twitter as much as I do, you'll get a kick out of this flick. If you don't understand all this Twitter stuff yet, Twittamentary is a wonderful introduction to the diverse ways in which the site can be used. News aggregating, customer service, branding, advocacy, citizen journalism, networking, and the joy of meeting wonderful people across the globe while in the comfort of your living room. That's Twitter. And it's amazing.

For more video clips, check out the Twittamentary YouTube channel! And, a special thanks to Social Media Club Los Angeles and Nimble for hosting the LA screening! 

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  1. Great post and thank you so much for this! I absolutely love my Twitter friends! There is community in Twitter. It connects us to the world! I am so grateful for all of the kindness and support I have received. My relationships online and offline have helped to inspire me in so many ways. I have grown personally and emotionally and become more social in real life. I was accepted in to a temporary transitional housing last year because of social media connections and am now in permanent housing. I am so glad that Siok Siok made this film! Twittamentary is an awesome production that gives the world a new look, a new face, to Twitter. I am excited to have been a part of it and can't wait to see it again!

  2. Yay! It's AnnMarie! One of the STARS of Twittamentary! ;-)

    I remember so clearly being in the Kodak Theater and Jeff Pulver saying you were coming to the conference on a cross country road trip. It's so interesting, now 21 months after that, to see what you did and how you got to LA. Thank you so much for sharing your story and yourself with everyone.

    I'm thrilled that you are now #NoLongerHomeless and wish you the best of luck as you start this new chapter in your life. Here's wishing you only the best, lovely lassie ;-)

  3. The best thing about Twitter is how its opened up the world to people who previously didn't have a voice, this is what I get from it mostly.  Following people from the other side of the world dis-spelling western general-ism's about their society.  One of my favourites is the guy in the US military who has hidden his sexuality and documenting his coming out story with his commanders and colleagues now that the draconian DADT is on its way out.  The worst things about Twitter are those who are scripted and speak via a companies marketing and communication strategy and I can just tell I am just being sold something or I form part of their KPI's.  I enjoy Twitter for the real people, sharing stories from the heart, who in a small way bring people together in order to better understand the world we live in.

  4. Yes, so true, Steven. I constantly marvel at the amazing people I've connected with across the globe. Africa, Turkey, England, Canada, Tokyo, South Korea. All folks I never would have known otherwise.

    You're right, though. It's the real folks, the truly authentic, who are such a treat to meet! And I still am amazed at the fact that the great majority of folks I've met on Twitter have been incredibly kind, generous, and supportive. Such a great community. I'm feeling a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.... ;-)

  5. Thanks for sharing...I didn't know about this Twittermentary. It's a neat thing. Would love to see some of the really slimey people exposed.

    There are a lot of people on here who aren't about what they say they are would be interesting to see the real stories.Great post!

  6. Hey Jessica. No slime in Twittmentary! It's all inspiring or interesting.

    Siok Siok traveled across the US to collect some of the untold stories. Folks who use Twitter to change their lives or help others. Some great stuff. No seedy underbelly, just good laughs and a few heartfelt moments.

  7. Amber, aloha.  Absolutely loved this post and can't wait to see "Twittermentary" so will check back soon.  Jessica connected us through SMart Women moments ago and I came over here to meet you.

    Amber, I look forward to "getting to know you . . ."  Aloha.  Janet

  8. Dear Amber,

    Thank God for Twitter because it enabled me to find a friend in Amber A.!

    Marloes' story really resonated with me as I had a similarly touching experience on Twitter.  

    Within 3 months of losing my job and adopting Suede, she developed Pyometra which resulted in a $3000 bill.  I some how managed to scrounge up the funds on my forward another few months after her recovery...and I was faced with the possibility of another $1500 vet bill for a swollen ear flap.  I had no idea what I was going to do...I had no money and she was in pain.  I also didn't want her to develop a deformed ear simply because I was broke.  

    One of my close Twitter friends @Pitbull1970 suggested that I simply ask my followers if they could help.  I have to be honest I really thought this was absurd...especially since my followers are mostly rescues and people helping rescues who are all also asking for money...but he convinced me.  I set up a Chipin Page and a few of my wonderful friends including Pitbull1970 - and even some people I never even spoke to before - wasted no time in contributing to the Suede fund.  Their generosity was overwhelming.  

    Within that time I wasn't able to raise enough, but Suede's ear healed on its own (MIRACLE!) I offered to give the money back...everyone insisted that I simply donate the funds to a local shelter....I swear to you...Twitter is awesome!

    I intend to see this documentary when it is available to me.  Thanks so much Amber!

    I haven't told you lately...but I LOVE your blog!

  9. Great review! Wow, if even a homeless lady can get on Twitter, then just about anyone can leverage the power of connecting with others online. I had a great time at the LA screening and will look forward to following the #Twittamentary hashtag. 

  10. Thank you, Garick, for helping to bring Twittamentary to all of us in LA!

    Yeah, AnnMarie is a great example of the power of Twitter to bring even
    the most isolated people into the fold. Happily, AnnMarie is now off the
    streets and starting the next chapter of her life. Yay!

  11. Pleased to meet you, Janet!

    If a screening comes to your town (or once the film is more widely released), I highly recommend you see it. It was quite entertaining ;-)

  12. Great story, Rachel! I'm not sure why it is, but some of the nicest people ever are centralized on Twitter. It's really odd, yet wonderful!

    Pyometra is horrible. A good reason every girl should be spayed, for sure. I'm glad Suede got through it alright. Many dogs don't ;-(

    Part of the director's Q&A after the film addressed alternate forms of distribution for the documentary. I hope you'll have a way to see it soon. If you love Twitter, I don't know how you couldn't enjoy the film.

    Have I told YOU today how I'm still enjoying the blog header you made me? Thanks again for all your wonderfulness, Rachel! Glad Twitter brought us together, too! ;-)


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