Hey Mr. Humdrum! You're boring me to DEATH!

Do you think independently and take actions to set yourself apart from the crowd? Or, are you a lesser version of yourself shaped by apathy?  Worse yet, are you just like everyone else? Gasp!

A great example of someone really coloring outside the lines is Alec Brownstein. Alec, a 28-year-old designer, wanted to work at a different ad agency. To make that happen, he infused his job search with some guerrilla-style marketing techniques and got noticed. What did Alec do?

Well, Alec figured his targeted employers do the same thing lots of us do regularly; Google ourselves. He then used Google AdWords to purchase the names of some top creative directors. Here's what happened:

Is Alec smarter than you or me? Definitely not! But did Alec pursue a path less traveled? You betcha! And, most importantly, it garnered results.

What can you do differently today to shake up things? Are some of your processes worth revisiting? Can a tweak here and an alteration there get you more customers, greater exposure, or help you get closer to your goals? Can you try new tools, collaborate with new people, or look at things with a different mindset?

The most successful people are in a constant state of flux. Growing, improving, evolving. Are you doing the same? Or, have you become fat and happy. And, perhaps, just a little obsolete along the way...

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  1. I took my clothes off on a sales call once, I think they noticed me...........

    You have to keep growing, changing, evolving. Once you stop you start to ferment. And age has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Sometimes change is uncomfortable, but it is necessary for growth. I also think change can be exciting because it does create excitement and new opportunities.

    That's what I think and that is all I have to say about it...........

    Hope you had a great day today.

  2. You are so right. It's not an age thing in the least. I know several 40 year olds who have completed reinvented themselves, whereas some 27 year olds are extremely complacent and out of touch.

    And, yes, change is scary. But, as you say, it can be very exciting once you let go of the fear.

    Thanks for chiming in, Bill. And, keep your clothes on, eh? :-)


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