Are all creative people just D-list performers?

Credit: Mark Parisi
I recently attended a benefit concert for Stitch the dog (to help Stitch and his family, click HERE). I noshed on bread and fruit and soaked in all the original music by some fantastic local artists. Some were just amazing! Just as good, or better, than the folks you hear on reality TV shows or the radio. I thought to myself, "It must be frustrating to be so talented and never make it big. Poor people. Only a small group of folks will ever be able to enjoy what they have to offer." Then it hit me, "These singers are no different than me!" 

I write on this blog a few times a week and I, too, only reach a small audience (although a wonderfully smart and good looking audience, I might add!). I'd love to make it to the big leagues one day, but even if I don't, I'll continue to write--because that's what I do. I am extremely grateful for the community of readers who support me. I don't take any blog comment, tweet, like, or other nicety for granted!

Each blog post I write is pretty much on par with the gig of any indie artist who plays at a local beer hole. I do what I do and cross my fingers that someone shows up! Neither of us is reaching millions, nor are we household names, but we will continue to be creative in our own ways because that's how we express ourselves.

There are so many wonderfully talented people out there who will never receive the accolades they so rightfully deserve. Whether one's talent is sculpting, writing, picture taking, painting, writing music, drawing, singing, playing an instrument, glass blowing, or some other creative endeavor, only a few folks will be discovered. Even fewer will prosper. But, create they must. They go on, because they're called. Because it's their passion. Because it's who they are.

Am I any different? I can't say that I am. I'm a D-list performer, just like the singers I pitied. Funny, how that reality took awhile to set in. But, I love what I do. And if only a handful of people dig it too, well, that's enough for me.

So, in true beer hole fashion, I'll sign off. This post was dedicated to the readers in the front row. Thanks for coming out today, my friends. Be true to yourselves and express your creativity in whatever way you can. Remember to tip your waitresses and drive home safely.  I'll be here all week...


  1. I am going to say this in a way I normally do not write (although I've been known to verbalize a time or two): @wordsdonewrite on the D List of bloggers? Hell no!

  2. Hee hee. Thanks, Cheri! You're a doll. A definite A-lister!

  3. You just like me because I wrote about vampires! I know your weaknesses, Shannon ;-)

  4. "I do what I do and cross my fingers that someone shows up!"

    Hi Amber, do you remember the thrill of years gone by when someone wrote a simple greeting with their address, rolled it up and put it in a bottle, and sent it out into the sea, wondering where will it be found and by whom, and will they get in touch? Or when kids tie a message to a balloon and release it into the sky and too wonder if they weill ever learn its fate?

    So, we haven't really changed, have we? But instead of a message in a bottle, it's a message in a tweetbox.

    So I came a calling and after reading your thoughts about the types of people you have encountered on Twitter, I wonder if you would like to play a little game? Would you care to look at some of my tweets and after you've formed an impression, pop into my new pad ( just finished yesterday ) to see if the tweets match the tweeter?

    I enjoyed stopping by and bye for now

    Pancho WIlkins

  5. Amber, You are an "A" lister to me. Love your posts. Thanks for doing them.

  6. Jerry! My favorite Orange County Mayor!!! Thanks for stopping by! I've missed seeing you on the interweb.

    Thanks so much for the nice words. They mean a lot. :-)

  7. Amber, I absolutely love this post. Thank you for making the distinction that I have been trying to pinpoint for years. Every time I sit down to write, I am proud of myself and my words. Few people may ever read it, but they are a fortunate few.

  8. you're not a D-list performer. you're one of the best that I read.. you're nice, funny when needed and you say what's on your mind. you write well too :)

  9. Hi Susan! So glad to hear that this resonated with you. Always nice to find a kindred spirit!

    Yes, I'm so with you. Any time you express your art, no matter what it is, there is a certain amount of pride. Sure, we all have moments when we wished the world knew how fabulous we were, but doing what we enjoy doing is frequently payment enough, isn't it? ;-)

    Thanks so much for chiming in!

  10. I am convinced that no one reads my blog. Then I take a step back and remember the reason I write it. It is about me and for me. I only hope that it resonates with others. 

  11. You have comments, so you have readers! :-)

  12. Whew, smart and good looking; at least one out of two isn't bad and I'm going to have to run w/ good looking because smart is such a distant second. 

    You make a good point; there are some incredibly talented people who toil in obscurity and then you have some extremely average people for whatever reason get more attention than others (and I won't mention any names).

    All I know is that social media can be very, very fickle indeed. Just about the time I think I 'get it' something incredibly nice or something perceived as offensive will happen and make me re-think my SM existence and efforts.

    I like your writings and I'm pleased you let me be a part of your community even though it is rare anything intelligent spews out of my mouth. 

    Good to see you. 

  13. Hey Bill! You are so right. It's not always the best that rise to the top. Many a shyster or scumbag has gotten the fame while more talented folks try to make ends meet. Whoever said "life isn't fair" knew what they were talking about.

    Thanks for the nice words and for reading! I'm pleased to have you as a member of the community here. I never know what you're going to say :-)

  14. If anyone deserves fame, it would be you Amber. I love reading your blog posts. You always capture some great ideas and share some great insights. We are all A-listers waiting to be discovered. :)

  15. Hey Sukhraj! Thanks for the very nice words of support! Very kind of you!

    Yeah, we all have an inner rockstar, don't we? Now, just to get people to attend the concert! ;-)

  16. Amber, the indie bands (and flms) are usually so much better than the Top 40 bands (and most of the crap Hollywood pumps out). Moreover, indie artists usually are the influencers of their genres. Lastly, once an indie artist goes big, it usually heralds the end of their love affair with their fans (greatness just isn't meant to be accepted by the masses). So consider yourself lucky to be on the right side...
    OK, so it would be nice to make it big...just to see wat it's like, yes? Yeah, me too :)


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