Jan Brady would love social media

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" No matter your age, everyone knows this notorious complaint from middle child Jan Brady of The Brady Bunch. Marcia was more popular, prettier, and everyone wanted to be like her. Jan? She was always in Marcia's shadow; trying to be noticed.

Jan Brady would love social media.

In many ways, social media is the great equalizer. Anyone can put information out of the web, grow an audience, and make a name for themselves. If Jan Brady were capable of popping out of the TV, I have no doubt that she'd embrace the world of new media. Through Twitter, Facebook, and blogging, Jan would have access to platforms that would allow her to be heard, show off her talents, and achieve success. Social media would allow her to compete with her sisters.

Ah, yes, the Brady girls and their hair of gold. When it comes to social media, we can all be lumped into a category that represents one of the "very lovely girls", can't we? In the real world, we're all a Marcia, Jan, or a Cindy.

The big names in the space are generally Marcias. People know who they are, listen to what they say, and want to be near them. Marcias have free products sent to them all the time and get access to exclusive events just because of who they are. Their Klout score is high because they've already made it to the big leagues, but Marcias disapprove of Klout and the idea of scores (perhaps it's easier to be indifferent when you're already successful). Marcias exemplify success and are the frequent objects of envy.

Then, there are Cindys. Cindys generally use social networking sites casually. They don't put a lot of effort into creating an online presence; they mostly use the tools for fun. Much like Marcias, they sometimes mock those who check their Klout scores. They're carefree with little to no interest in competing or being ranked. Despite popular belief, not all Cindys have a lisp (insert 70s-style canned laughter here).

As for Jans, they haven't made it to the big time, but they're trying. They want to make a name for themselves, they're trying to be recognized as subject matter experts, and they want to achieve success and all that comes with it. Jans know the stakes and want to stand out. They put a lot of effort into maintaining their social media presence, hoping it will help them reach that next level. Jans check their Klout score regularly and are excited when they get a perk (e.g. freebies offered through Klout). They want to be better than average and aren't afraid to work hard to get noticed.

Jans want to play with the big boys.
Jans want to make something of themselves.
Jans want to be Marcias.

If you're carefree like a Cindy or a powerhouse like Marcia, more power to you. But, remember, Jans are people, too. A Jan who wants to do more and be more is a good thing.

After all, who wants to live in someone else's shadow? Especially Marcia's.


  1. I think I am a mix of Jan and Cindy (depending on the day and mood ;-)
    What great memories this post brought back :-)

  2. Duly noted, Dave. Pig tails not required.

  3. A Jandy! I actually met Cindy Olson (the actress who played Cindy) last year at a fundraiser. She looks exactly like an older version of Cindy. Same face.

    Thanks for chiming in, Vanessa!

  4. my hair is too short for pig tails anyway :)

  5. I get free stuff all the time. I went to a golf tournament and they had these neat little containers you put your beer in and I actually got two of them. Crazy stuff indeed; I had no idea I would be this popular.

    I guess I'm more like Cindy but I'm not mocking anybody. I do have a somewhat casual approach and I suppose one of these days I will find my direction and be a little more purposeful with my efforts. Is it ok not to be in a hurry? Am I going to miss the bus?

    I don't have a lisp or shaved legs either...........just sayin'..........

    This was interesting and fun; thanks for sharing.

  6. It's toooootally alright not to be in a hurry, Bill. Half the fun is getting there and there's a lot to be said for pressure-free enjoyment! Enjoy being a Cindy! It's good for your stress level and maintains good work/life balance!

    As for your beer containers, I had no idea! You sure they weren't crystal vases for the flower arrangements at the golf club???? Just checkin'!

    Thanks for stopping by, Bildy (Bill/Cindy hybrid name)!

  7. Amber, you know I love this:) !!!  

    You are so great at educating, entertaining and engaging people through story telling! This post is such a great breakdown!  Hmmm, can you guess which one I am? 

    Growing up I always dreamed of being an only child:) But I think me growing up a Jan was exactly what motivated me to push that much harder and I definitely attribute my middle child syndrome to many of my past successes and hopefully future ones!

  8. Actually her name is Susan Olson but calling her Cindy is an understandable mistake. I do agree with you that other than the double braids Cindy Brady had, Susan still does look like Cindy. :D

  9. Ha ha! Yep, you've got the middle child thing down pat! :-) I can definitely see how it's given you the extra push to hustle and make things happen!

    Thanks so much for the very kind words, Lindsay. They mean a lot.

    Glad you chimed in on this post. It IS right up your alley, huh? ;-)


  10. Opps! Typo! Will edit and fix. Thanks for pointing it out, Tim.

  11. Yes, I admit it, I'm a Jan. That said, I don't care about my Klout score...I do love the perks though. Got a $10 Subway gift card a few days ago.

    I am a Brady Bunch aficionado. My sisters and I used to play a game to see who could name the episode the fastest just by seeing the first few seconds of the show. I always won--it's one of my many incredible talents! ;-)

    Anyone up for a Brady Bunch quote challenge? 

  12. Well, gee, Marianne. After you've told us all how good you are with the trivia, I don't any of us would be silly enough to take you on! :-)

    Congrats on the gift card. I love perks, too. #FreeStuffForJans

  13. LOVE this! Jans rock! and so does their free stuff! I just received a month's supply of Joint Juice with a nifty water bottle to mix it up in...wondering what that says about me and my sphere of influence? Aging Jans? :)

  14. Ha ha! Are Jans harder on their knees than the other Brady girls????

    Thanks for chiming in, Erica! It's always a pleasure to see you!

  15. Jan Brady would be more exist rapidly :)

  16. I have been dying to RT this post. This is a "jackpot!"


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