Organic farmers need a PR firm

Yesterday, it was all over the news. Organic food is not more nutritional than "normal" food. Who thought it was? Well, apparently many people did.

What makes food organic is that it is free of artificial food additives, pesticides, and other processes that do not occur in nature (e.g. chemical ripening, genetic modification, etc.). Many organic farmers also take the extra step to ensure all their food is produced using energy-efficient technologies or packaged in biodegradable materials. If any animals are involved, they are allowed to live comfortable, natural lives instead of enduring the misery that comes with today's factory farm. The motto of the organic food enthusiast: know your farmer, know your food.

Organic food gives consumers the chance to purchase products that are produced with a conscienceshowing respect for our planet and the animals with whom we share the Earth. That is what makes food organic. And, although, organically-produced food isn't more nutritional, per se; it definitely doesn't hurt that consumers can avoid the ingestion of chemicals that may not fully wash off their food.

These are all great selling points. The organic farmers have a great story to tell, but apparently they need a little help from Corporate America to do it. A good PR firm could clarify the message to consumers and tout the real benefits of organic food. It's not a hard sell. Who wouldn't want to buy food that was produced in an ethical, safe, and compassionate manner?


  1. Eating organic food is good for your health, and also good for the environment.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I hope more people become aware of that fact--very soon!


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