Arrrrr you bored with Facebook?

I'm bored with Facebook. It's not that my friends aren't absolutely fascinating, because they're all that with whipped cream on top. But, the whole experience has just gotten a bit old lately.

Luckily for me, I stumbled across a handy lil' tip from Make It Work Inc. suggesting that I try changing my language preference from English to pirate. And, alas, ye mateys, me tale of boredom is headed to the plank with that varmint Davy Jones!

Seriously, it's a fun diversion that transforms your Facebook notifications, options, boxes, and emails into something worthy of Long John Silver! You no longer "like" something, instead it "be pleasin' to yer eye". Someone doesn't just "leave a comment", but they "be havin' somethin' to say abou' yer hoist" or "flappin' gums 'bout yer recent tales". Your hometown is your "port of origin". And, minutes don't pass, but pints o' rum are the way time is measured. Yo ho ho!

If you need to breathe a bit of fresh air into your FB experience, consider adjustin' yer riggins and abandoning ship on the usual. Directions on how to upgrade to pirate can be found on the Make it Work blog. Now get blabberin' 'bout this here treasure and spread the word to yer lassies! Arrrr.


  1. Amber, I be havin' somethin' to say abou' yer 5:34 am blog post, me matey. It was most pleasin' to me eye, but tell me las, how did ye write such a fine bit of gum flappin' so early in the mornin'?

    Very entertaining! A nice breath of fresh air. I think I'll change my language preference too.

    ~~ye new matey, Diane

  2. Hi Diane,

    Thank you ever so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I'll share my secret to great blog posts so early in the morning: I write them the day beforehand and schedule them.

    Shhhh. Don't tell!

  3. Interesting, Amber! For my academic client, I just read and retweeted the Nat'l Geo post about pirate language probably being invented by Disney  . :)

  4. Shiver me' timbers - I think I'll need a whole new vocab to speak like a pirate for long - arrrr - will certainly be checking out the new fangled treasure of which yer just spoke of..... Ahoy me hearties - let's set sail for a new adventure!!

  5. Wow, really? Now, that's interesting! I hate to think pirates didn't really talk like that. But, it wouldn't be the first time Hollywood rewrote history, huh?

  6. You're REALLY good at that, Judy! Me thinks you may have been a pirate in a previous life ;-)


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