M&M's tries to attract new customers

A popular candy since 1941, M&M's are sold in more than 100 countries and recognizable to billions of people across the globe. Now, that chocolaty treat is getting a 21st century makeover. Customizable candies are now hitting the virtual marketplace!

Consumers can imprint slogans, photos, or logos on the hard-shelled chocolate treats and even choose from a variety of colorsincluding new shimmery hues. Perfect for special occasions like holidays, weddings, birthdays, graduations, promotions, and proposals, the candies can add that extra little something to any festive gathering. Also, a fun gimmick for businesses to utilize at meetings, conferences, and other promotional appearances.

Think anyone will print "Candy is bad for you" on any of them?


  1. Candy is NOT BAD FOR YOU!!
    take that back ... sniff sniff

  2. Dear Tanya,

    Opps. I meant to write "Carrots are bad for you". Do you feel better now? ;->

  3. Whew! I'm glad you cleared that up. =)


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