Ink it up and help break a world record

Today is Friday the 13th and what better way to ward off the evil spirits than with some killer ink! Yes, tat fans, Broken Art in Los Angeles is having a 24-hour tattoo-a-thon today. Why, you ask? The goal is for ink artist Jeremy Swan to break a Guinness World Record set by Hollis Cantrell nearly a year ago today. To do so, he hopes to complete 900 tattoos in one day (priced to please at just $20 a pop and $10 for each additional one).

If I were the tattoo type (I think I'm the only one in my neighborhood with virgin skin), it would make for a good story to say I helped break a world record and got inked with a bat on Friday the 13th. In my mind, though, it would somehow seem wrong to get something cutesy like a heart with wings on an ominous day riddled with fear and suspicion. But, that's just me.

So, my ultra cool friends, if you happen to be in the LA area today, have been jonesing for a tat, and want to help Jeremy get into the record books, why not make this a Friday the 13th worth remembering?

* 11/14/09 UPDATE: Jeremy Swan broke the Guinness World Record and was able to complete 875 tattoos on Friday the 13th. He had hoped to make it to 900, but the old record was 801 so he still had more than enough tats to take him into the record books!

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