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If you log on to Twitter today, you'll see that it's Authors Day (#authorsday). A day to tweet about your favorite writers and books, and share your love of reading with your followers. I thought I'd take my tweet one step further (you only have 140 characters, after all), and share a bit more about my new, favorite author.

I have to admit, up until a few months ago I hadn't picked up a book for sheer pleasure for awhile. Online reading or a book on business seemed to take precedence. However, I'm glad to say that's all changed, thanks to my mom thrusting a book into my hands one day. "This is an easy read," she said. "You'll like it; just read it." And read it, I did.

The book was one in a long series of titles from Janet Evanovich. Her most popular series follows a bounty hunter named Stephanie Plum. Stephanie is scared of guns, loves donuts, and manages to bring in wayward felons by sheer luck. So far there are 19 Stephanie Plum adventures, and I've now read nine of them. It's a fun, easy read that is hard to put down; my mom was right.

Books are amazing. Why not pick one up on this Authors Day and discover new people, exciting places, and wonderful adventures? And check out Janet, she's a great writer. I promise you'll get caught up in Stephanie Plum's crazy Jersey anticsand set the book down feeling a bit hungry for baked goods.

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