Apparently animals tweet

Wow, you work hard to build up a reputable following on Twitter and you're beaten out by a bunch of animals in the park!

There's a squirrel in Tehran with 6,518 followers and a bird in San Francisco with 289.

How are these critters building up their Twitter numbers so quickly? And, can they take me to the woods with them for their next social media boot camp?


  1. It's true. I follow several pigeons. The jest of their tweets are literally just that. "tweet" ...
    occasionally "chirp" ... some talk about where they flew. What they scavenge around for ... nothing deep or thought provoking, not usually. But they have the "cute" appeal.

    That's it ... they're just cute ...

  2. Tanya,

    I bet pigeons have a lot to tweet about; they're always on the go!


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