Harvey Levin gets the scoop

Today is Follow Friday on Twitter. As usual, it's #1 in trending topics. So, without further adieu, my Follow Friday recommendation for today is easy: @HarveyLevinTMZ.

I just happened to be on Twitter the day Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital and saw Harvey's tweet that MJ had died. I couldn't believe it. Michael Jackson dead? I immediately went to Google to confirm: nothing. I went to the Los Angeles Times website: nothing. I went to Yahoo: nothing. I went to the national news sites: nothing. No news outlet had anything about MJ's death. Was Harvey right?

Well, Harvey WAS right and laid claim to one of the biggest scoops of the century. However, this was hardly a first for TMZ. It also beat everyone to the punch on Mel Gibson's tirade in Malibu and Christian Bale's expletive-laden rant during the filming of Terminator.

Sure, they do their fair share of tacky stories. But, make no doubt about it, Harvey has built a news-gathering organization for the 21st century. Quick, dependable, accurate, and interesting. Now that's a news model I can support. Go Harvey!

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