Targeting followers on Twitter

In the last few weeks, I've been tracking trends on my Twitter feed. Nothing sophisticated or highly analytical, I'm just paying attention.

What I've noticed is that it is easy to attracted targeted followers, should you so choose. For example, a few weeks ago I tweeted something about the Chicago Bears. Shortly thereafter, my tweet was retweeted and one of my new followers was someone who had a Chicago Bears Twitter feed. Not too long after that, I sent a tweet about declining classified revenues. That same day, two of my new followers were Tweeple who had online classified sites. Yesterday, I sent a tweet about a new martial arts blog and I quickly acquired two new followers who are black belts.

Now, my tweets are all over the place in that they address many different facets of business and media news. However, this is definitely a trend that I will be mindful of going forward. Maybe it might help you, too, if your goal is to build a targeted audience.

Happy tweeting!

* If you want to pay for a service to help you follow people, and be followed, based on keywords, check out Twollow. Services start at $5.99 a month.

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