Does sex sell?

Today, ABC News wrote an article about sex being used to sell food. We've all seen the TV commercials laden with innuendo. Do people really want a burger because Paris Hilton is washing a car or Audrina Patridge is wearing a shiny bathing suit? I mean, she's fake eating. The only thing she really puts in her mouth is the pineapple.

I know these commercials aren't aimed at me. They're trying to target the single bachelor who is motivated by this approach. But, interestingly enough, I read not too long ago that Carl Karcher, Carl's Jr.'s conservative and religious founder who was ousted as CEO in 1993, had become dismayed over how the company was being marketed. Not that he had any say at that point (and certainly not now, since he passed away in 2008).

Although "Happy Star" is still on the Carl's Jr. logo, I suppose his time as a working mascot is long gone. I mean, how hot can Happy look in a skimpy bikini?

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