Brand marketing that ignores the brand

Today, MTV premiered the music video for the song "Open Happiness." Now you wouldn't know it by watching it, but this is actually a promotional gimmick for Coca-Cola. The song doesn't mention Coke, the video doesn't show Coke (except for a half second that most people will miss), but it is marketing genius.

The soda giant has decided that the best way to bring in new customers, and retain the old ones, is to stay clear of the in-your-face advertising that has become so prevalent. Their approach? Associate their campaign slogan, "Open Happiness," with something fun and positive. And, they even attracted top-notch musical talent to produce the song, lending further credibility to the project.

The Coke approach is amazingly comprehensive, utilizing music downloads and non-commercial airplay to create a more organic connection to the campaign. And the best part? No bitter aftertaste.

Open Happiness | Myspace Music Videos


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