New York Lottery uses animals in PJs to sell tickets

The new commercial from the New York Lottery's Sweet Millions drawing is so adorable that I defy even the crankiest person not to smile. Yes, at first you'll click on the player below to watch the video and think it's some cutesy animal video, but it really is from the NY Lottery Commission. And the sweet part is that multiple people can each win $1 million bucks (the details are here if you want to know how it works).

Now, tell me this ad won't stick in people's mind. Heck yes, it will! I'm sure it'll be fodder at N.Y. water coolers for quite some time.


  1. It doesn't play, it's just a photo, unless I can't see the link?

  2. Hi Elayne,

    Just click on the words "new commercial" and it will take you to the video. Any words that are different colors than the rest of the text are hyperlinks and will take you to the items mentioned in each blog post.

    Hope you enjoy the video. I got a cavity just watching it. So sweet!


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