Puma brings stripping to its new iPhone app

Puma unveiled a new iPhone app this week that is a bit unusual. No, it doesn't have a thing to do with running shoes or athletics. It's about the Dow Jones Index. No, folks, I'm not kidding. And this isn't even the odd part.

So, in a nutshell, here's how the app works (click on the player below to see the promotional video with the scantily clad hotties). If the Index (e.g. Dow, S&P, Dax) goes down, a bunch of jiggling beauties dance around on your iPhone and take off their clothes. If the Index goes up, the gals bundle up. During lulls in trading, the buxom babes do other things like wash cars or jump on trampolines (in whatever state of undress they were in last).

Yes, I realize this is meant to be a fun way to make a bad situation a bit more bearable, but c'mon. Really, women wiggling out of the jeans if the Dow takes a hit?

Obviously this free app isn't targeted at me, even though I do have the option of selecting a hot, half-naked, firefighter-type guy with a bulldog puppy to dance around for me to make my financial losses a bit easier to bear (or is that bare?). Yes, I know sex sells. But is Puma so desperate for attention that this is how they want to show off their new line of underwear?

Personally, I think the whole thing is incredibly distasteful. But, I'm not the type of gal who frequents strip joints. What's your take? Will you get the new Puma Index app?

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